Making sure you're covered for your adventure



Preparing for your Adventure

Make sure you're covered for your travels


We all hope that your adventure will not encounter any major hiccups, however, it’s always best to plan ahead for worse case scenarios. From falling ill to missing flights, vehicles breaking down or cancellations, so much can happen through no fault of your own and without the right insurance you can risk being stung both in your pocket and medically. This is not a stress you need whilst enjoying your travels so spending some time making sure you get the right insurance set up will be well worth it in the end, leaving you to enjoy your adventure without the lack of insurance lurking in the back of your mind.


Everyone’s overland experience is going to be unique so we recommend discussing your individual travel insurance needs with a reputable insurance broker to make sure you’re adequately covered for all eventualities.


Below are the two major insurances worth considering when travelling as well as a reminder on Warranties and Guarantees. 

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This is ideal for covering most of your travelling experiences and requirements. Depending on individual circumstances and your travel plans it’s worth noting that some banks and home insurance may cover you and personal possessions when travelling for short periods of time! It’s well worth giving them a call in advance to find out!


If that’s unsuccessful or doesn’t provide enough cover, it’s time to take a look at what’s out there! When researching which insurance is best for you, keep in mind the following:


Full breakdown.  Always ask for a full breakdown of your insurance policy and carefully read through and check it is suitable for your requirements before buying.


Small Print. We cannot say enough but please READ the small print… it’s worth questioning anything prior to your departure as opposed to being tripped up in the middle of an emergency because of something missed in the paperwork.


Be honest. When divulging any existing medical conditions, the value of your personal items and other details, honesty is the best policy. You don’t want under playing to come back to bite you in the bum.


Depending on where you’re from originally and where you plan travelling from and to, most countries will require you to have some kind of vehicle insurance cover. Sometimes your current insurance can cover you for smaller trips for example a UK citizen to go to Europe for a few weeks may be covered by their insurance but this is not a guarantee!!  Always check.  If you’re travelling in a group we always recommend more than one person being covered for driving your vehicle in case there is an emergency and the main policy holder is unavailable to drive.


Vehicle insurance for overlanding varies from country to country and can require you to book or organise several insurances in advance. It’s all in the planning. Always remember to mention any modifications made to your vehicle.


Be aware that when travelling, you may end up invalidating some guarantees or warrantees you have on products you have purchased. Be sure to check with the supplier of your goods the limitations that the guarantee / warranty may have before travelling or the affect of any modifications you may be looking to make on products or vehicles to suit your travel needs.

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