Inspiring you to live your adventure


Expedition 52 was born out of the love of two adventurers, Clare and Sam Farah, with the aim to share their experiences and knowledge to help as many other travel enthusiasts.


With a passion for exploring the world far and wide and taking on new challenges and experiences, we both have a twinkle in our eyes for two and four wheeled adventures as well as the odd hike here and there with our two doggy furkids, Bea and Dude. From deserts to the mountains, dirt to paved, cities to the wilderness, our love to explore more just keeps growing.


With over 6+ years (and counting) experience of travelling on the road, we have discovered that although there is an abundance of travel information available on the web, it never tends to be consolidated to one place.

So having spent hours and years trawling, gathering, researching, reviewing and going loopy with plans, we decided to pool our finds, as well as the experiences and knowledge of our fellow friends and experts we have met along the way, into one place!

Our hope is to inspire, advise, build a community and make it easier for those to explore just as we do

Oh and why the name, Expedition 52? Because we want to help you get on your very own expedition every week of the year!

Co-Founder & Adventure Guru

With a love for motorcycles and travel, Welsh born Sam is an avid adventurer having explored over 60 countries on and off wheels! 

Sams love of bikes started from an early age, when riding his Raleigh Burner with Mag Wheels BMX was the be all and end all. Throughout his teens he still coveted that elusive motorised 2 wheeled transport, but of course financial restraints and parental restraints meant that it was just out of reach. That all changed once he hit the dunes of Dubai, there he could at long last could give in to that forbidden fruit that was motorcycling, and especially anything that was off the beaten track. From that moment on he's been hooked!

Asides from his latest 2 year travels with Clare as Chasing Horizons through Europe, Africa, US and Canada, he's also ridden from Dubai to Alaska, explored India on an Enfield, adventured through Australia in a camper and made his way through the Middle East.

When he's not travelling and adventure planning, Sam is also an all round jolly pirate and Creative Art Director of the design and marketing company, Absolutely Spiffing Designs.  


In his spare time away from marketing and drawing pretty pictures, he tends to keep himself busy with photography, motorcycle and 4x4 builds, dog walking, geeking it up on the computer and getting far too excited about the up and coming electric vehicle revolution!

Co-Founder & Adventure Guru

Spontaneous, creative and passionate about all things travel (...and Captain Jack Sparrow...) related, Clare has always been a big dreamer of adventures and challenges far and wide!

Her work history has been an eclectic series of long term loves, including working within Serious Crime in the Police, an Illustrating and Marketing Specialist, Property Developing (aka a glorified builder) and a Professional Speaker / Presenter and Writer. In short, imagine Brooklyn 99 meets Parks and Recreations meets Kimmy Schmidt and there you have Clare.

Having dreamed of being a motorcycle rider for many moons but never fulfilling this desire, upon meeting her now motorcycle enthusiastic husband, she decided to pop her motorcycle cherry. It was only a matter of weeks after passing her bike test and picking up her KTM 690 (affectionately named Hobbes), she was heading into Africa with the world at her wheels on their 2 year adventure as Chasing Horizons.


Apart from their latest trip, Clare has travelled far and wide, covering most of Europe and the US. She thrives on learning new languages (..but not always mastering them...oh the stories we can tell!...) and when she's not knocking down walls, planning adventures or geeking up on gaming and films, Clare can be found trekking her way around the Welsh countryside with her dogs.

Above all of this though, Clare is passionate about helping others. It's from this passion that Expedition 52 has grown with her desire to help, encourage and inspire others to have amazing adventures.

EXP52 Columnist

Gus Chyba is not only a dear friend but one of our beloved regular columnist for EXP52. With his wealth of experience in the world of overland travel and outdoor fun, he’s brimming full of great stories and tricks of the trade, all supplied with a great big grin and a wicked sense of humour!


At 48 years old, Gus is a stay at home Dad with incredibly itchy feet. Having been infected by the travel bug from his Mother, who dragged him all over the world at a very young age, he’s always happiest when seeing a new part of the world. Bilingual in English and German, he exclaims this has helped him when he wants to yell at someone without them knowing what he’s talking about, or to pretend he’s not American. A professional photographer, avid motorcycle rider, pilot, scuba diver, wake boarder, sharpshooter and rock climber… this man of many talents exclaims “I’m like Ethan Hunt but taller and with less hair”.

His main vehicles for exploring the USA includes a small 4x4 camper van and a small dual sport motorcycle, along with an electric skateboard. When the family joins him it's an RV and a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.


For a fun, informative look on the travel world, read up on his stories on our blog!

EXP52 Columnist

"Far too many ideas, never enough time or money".


That's how James' friends and family would describe him.

He's always favouring the rocky, untrodden path, usually making things unnecessarily difficult for himself. Who knows how he ended up with a mortgage!

When everyone else was learning to drive and get their first car, James was upgrading his CBT to a full motorbike license and ever since then, 2 wheels have always trumped 4 in his day to day life.

Born and raised in the country hills of Devon, James has also lived and worked in Scotland and Australia. His winding career path has seen him stacking shelves, running a Michelin-starred restaurant and working sales in a motorcycle dealership, the latter giving him plenty of opportunity to ride and experience as many different bikes and locations as possible.

The bike CV is quite varied with some favourites being a 1994 Yamaha Virago 535 (first bike), Triumph Scrambler (sexiest bike) and Yamaha Fazer 600 (the not really built for long distance when you're over 6 foot bike). But the current, and in James' opinion, best bike on the list is his trusty Triumph Tiger 800 which he likes to throw down every local byway he can possibly find.

Other than bikes and seeing the world, James spends whatever time he has left watching films, tidying out the garage (a never ending task), or continuing his never ending mission to find a decent coffee.

To read up more about his adventures and travel advice, check out his blogs on our article page!

EXP52 Columnist

Travel has always been a major part of Ian’s life. As a kid growing up he experienced his first taste of travelling with his family before going at it independently. Alongside his wealth of off road, overlanding and camping experiences, Ian has the amazing experience of riding around the world with Nick Sanders in 2002.


As a high school teacher in physical and outdoor education, this has enabled him to continue his love of the outdoors and pass on this passion to others. Since migrating out to Melbourne with his wife, he has joined a 4WD club and had the chance to travel through some very special areas in Australia and experience the outback.


His two main hobbies : riding his Motorbike and driving the 4WD.!  Inevitably this leads to many outdoor camping experiences and as a lover of nature he finds himself caught up in the awesomeness of Australia’s brown earth, green land (when not in drought), blue sky and sunshine.


In his words :


“I enjoy the peace and simplicity of travel and camping and thus my wish to share my experience with others.


When I started camping and hiking in secondary school I had little idea that some 40+ years later I would still be camping and enjoying the outdoors. I may take a little more time to set up and want a few more comforts, but the enjoyment has not diminished, I still love "being out there" ......wherever there is.”


You can see why he’s right up our street! For an informative, enjoyable read from a man with a wealth of experience, check up on his blogs on our Articles page!